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Lighthouse - Case Study

School project, 2020

The Problem

The lack of resources for teenagers from low-income families causes them to fall behind and exacerbates existing academic/behavioural issues. This creates a cycle of low self-esteem and lack of purpose.

Lighthouse is a free tutoring service and hangout space for teens from low income families in Vancouver that aims to create a community and decrease the number of students who fall behind due to lack of financial resources.

The target audience likely dislikes pity and feeling patronized and they may resent authority figures. The challenge is to offer help to people who may not want to admit they need help in a way that is welcoming and low-pressure.


While sketching, I started with mind-mapping and pursued the idea of a literal lighthouse for a while before deciding on something a little more subtle.


Asset 4.png

The logo uses rounded, quirky, friendly type and a bright, bold colour palette. The beam of light references a lighthouse in a subtle way.

The website introduces simple, playful illustrations in the same limited colour palette and messaging that describes the offer in a casual way. Another branding element used is this organic, flowing line to separate sections and complement the illustrations. The photography uses a duotone effect to create a cohesive and youthful design.

These social media posts rework the illustrations and headlines for a digital application. The Instagram stories use the organic line and duotone photographs to highlight testimonials. The posters would be used for display in high schools and community centers.


Throughout this project I really focused on the target audience by communicating the offer in a welcoming way. I enjoyed the challenge of balancing a serious issue with a casual, playful tone.

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