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Trailer Park Winery

Completed for mentorship at Saint Bernadine Mission Communications, 2021

Trailer Park Winery makes no-fuss, boxed wine for the casual wine-drinker who wants good wine at a good price without all the hoopla. Each wine varietal is given a name that sounds like the name of a trailer park, like Oak Brook Estates Chardonnay and Camelot Manor Merlot.

The rectangular shape of boxed wine created the opportunity to make each package look literally like an old, colourful, quirky mobile home.

Each package uses type inspired by vintage signage combined with quirky photographic elements to create the humorous, irreverent feel.

The logo uses vintage-inspired typography in a photographic metal nameplate style that toes the line of cheesiness but works in the context of the packaging and adds to the grungy feel.

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